About Us

Our girl’s travel basketball organization aims to cultivate the growth of our athletes
through fundamental skills training, positive coaching techniques, competitive play in
tournaments in Los Angeles, Orange, and San Bernardino counties, and advanced in-
game leadership. Our goal is to guide our athletes through each level of their athletic
In addition to guidance on the court, we believe in the holistic development and
empowerment of our members into powerful leaders and community citizens. We
support our athletes’ emotional, social, psychological, and physical development
through community service activities, established curriculum, and mentorship.

Mission Statement

Ambush Athletics, Inc. believes in the empowerment and holistic development of young
women through sports, education, and community involvement. It is our goal to provide a safe and supportive environment where members can reach their full potential as
women and athletes. Consistent fundamental skills training with advanced level
competitive play will build confidence; established age appropriate curriculum will
enhance social and emotional intelligence; and community volunteer activities will
develop interest in and commitment to community services. Through these vehicles, our
program is dedicated to enhancing self-esteem, leadership skills, and the social
development of female athletes.

Grrrl Power

Grrrl Power is the portion of Ambush Athletics that encompasses the structured
curriculum, community service activities, motivational speakers, and educational
support that makes this organization unique. Grrrl Power is centered around the motto
of “I Can, You Can, We Can,” that encourages our players to gain confidence in
themselves, support their teammates and peers, and contribute to their wider
communities. Players will participate in Grrrl Power activities on a biweekly basis. All
players are required to participate in all activities on behalf of SoCal Ambush Basketball.
During Grrrl Power, community members will be invited to speak and present to the
athletes about a myriad of topics. All speakers will be reviewed and approved by the
Education Director and/or the Board of Directors for content and appropriateness to the
program. If the topic of the curriculum or speaker will be of a sensitive nature, all
parents will be notified at least one day before the meeting and attendance will be
optional for all players.

Community Service

There will be several group community service opportunities on a yearly basis. All
players are required to participate in at least 3 group community service activities
throughout the program year. All outings will include supervision by Ambush staff and
parent volunteers. Upon registration with Ambush Basketball, all members will receive a
Grrrl Power t-shirt. All players must wear their Grrrl Power or Ambush Basketball t-shirts
during community service activities and Grrrl Power meetings. Community service
activities will be decided upon by the Community Outreach Committee. Members are
encouraged to present community service opportunities to the Committee for